About us

Tree nursery H&B Plant


We At tree nursery H&B Plant work with a fixed group of 6 people, supplemented by hired workers and contractors, on a beautiful product. Our trees and shrubs.

The company was founded in 2003 by Peter van der Heiden and Marten van de Bijl. Before 2003 they already gathered decades of experience in another tree nursery. On the first of July 2022 Peter stepped back from the company to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. Martin van de Bijl and his brother-in-law Sandro Valkenier joined the management at the same time, which officially makes H&B Plant a family run business.

Later that Year, in August, Harm Didis got hired as head of our tree nursery. His main tasks are a.o. leading the nursery, taking care of a smooth loading and unloading process but he also visits suppliers to inventarise the available species, numbers, sizes and quality.

Martin van de Bijl joined the company in 2010 as reinforcement for the tree nursery. No doubt, he can be called an all-rounder. Just ask him to prune, tie trees, irrigate, etc. he does it all. During the delivery season he can be found on the loading crane, loading the best way both for the plants and customers is his specialty.

Sandro Valkenier entered service at tree nursery H&B Plant in January 2015 as a salesman and marketeer. Searching and finding from new customers and maintaining the newly build relationship with them is an important task for him. Furthermore he takes care of logistics and marketing.


Tree nursery H&B Plant is situated in Randwijk, in avenue tree centre Opheusden. Since 2003 we cultivate a nice assortment of avenue trees, fruit trees and solitary shrubs on the fertile river clay soil in our area (called "de Betuwe"). Due to the close cooperation with our network of carefully selected suppliers we are able to deliver around 400 species.

We deliver trees with a stem girth of 6-8 till 30-35 cm. All our trees are transplanted in time, some of them twice and others three, four or even five times. Multistem, solitary shrubs are available from 125/150 till circa 700 cm high.

The major part of our trees, plants are exported to tree nurseries, garden centres and landscapers throughout Europe.