Target groups

Our target groups

tree nurseries

Lots of our trees and shrubs are delivered to fellow tree growers throughout Europe. Are you looking for some species which you don't have in your assortment, or maybe a complete planting list/order? We at tree nursery H&B Plant cultivate a wide assortment, ranging from very common to more exclusive species.

Curious to know more about us and our quality? Feel free to contact us through phone or e-mail. If you want to plan a visit to our nursery, you are always welcome!

trading companies

As a trading company you want to provide your customers with a wide range of plants. And maybe even more important; you want your customers to come back for more orders. To achieve this you need a supplier which is serious about doing business.

You just found the right address for doing serious business, by visiting this website. Our trees and shrubs all receive first-class treatment, this is reflected by the delivered quality. Also the loading and transporting of plants is taken serious by us. Would you like us to arrange transport, or do you need some help by it? We would be happy to offer you a helping hand, we cooperate with a number of transport companies from different countries.


As a landscaper you want to deliver a nice garden which puts a smile on your customer's face. Plants play an important role in each and every garden. Whether it is a number of nice trees, a nice solitary shrub as an eye-catcher, a conifer hedge or perennials.

We cultivate trees and shrubs which are suitable for all sizes of gardens, ranging from for example small globe shaped trees for smaller gardens till nice, big, solitary trees and shrubs for bigger gardens.

Would you like to take a look at our nurseries? Please do not hesitate to plan a visit to us. Whether or not together with your customer.

Are you landed on this website as a private person? We would really appreciate it if you tell your landscaper to contact H&B Plant...

garden centres

Green is popular, recently lots of private persons find their way to to garden centres more and more. Are you in need of trees for your garden centre which really should be eye-catching? Contact us and you will find what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for globe-, columnar-, espalier-, roof-shaped or differently shaped trees we are able to help you. Due to our wide network of suppliers we can also provide you with trees we do not grow ourselves.