Finding a good transport company sometimes can be a time-consuming job, we understand you have got plenty of other things to do. So please feel free to contact us in case you would like us to arrange transport, or if you need some help with it. We work together with transport companies from different countries.

Please note: if you arrange transport yourself you should keep an eye on the following:
- The semi-trailer should be equipped with enough planks
- Because we load from above with a loading crane, the roof of the semi-trailer has to be openable both in the rear and front.

complete planting lists

We already search trees, shrubs and many other plants (like a.o. conifers and perennials) for many of our customers. This saves you a lot of precious time. Besides of saving time you save costs by collecting a complete assortment at only one address.

Are you curious to know what we can mean for you? Don't hesitate any longer and send us your requests.


In cooperation with our regular breeder we are able to deliver a complete assortment of Asimina, Castanea, Corylus, Diospyros, Ginkgo, Juglans and Pistacia graftings in P9 containers.

Orders for graftings should be placed before the first of November. This enables us to prepare the right amount of scion wood in time. Delivery of the ordered graftings will roughly take place from the first week of May until the first week of June.

Curious to learn more about the available species? Click below for more information.