Tree nursery Holland

tree nursery holland

Tree nursery Holland - The Dutch tree nursery market is huge, the offered assortment is wide. Are you looking for certain plants? A big chance you will be able to find them at one of the tree nurseries from Holland.

What makes the tree nursery market in Holland so special you might ask yourself, well it is a mix of several factors. First of all the dutch tree and plant growers have a lot of experience, which partially is teached by the old generation to the new generation and partially comes from new insights delivered by growers and researchers. Another important aspect are the dedicated professionals which grow, maintain and improve the Dutch plants on a daily basis. Furthermore the perfect growing conditions in Holland play an important role, several kinds of soil types all around our country makes it possible to grow a very wide range of plants. The Dutch climate, with lots of rain, a decent amount of sun in Summer and frost in Winter does the rest.

Field of trees - Tree nursery Holland
Acer campestre - Tree nursery Holland - H&B Plant

Tree export from Holland - Worldwide.

Export - Tree nurseries from Holland export their plants worldwide, of course first of all to close neighbours Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

But also further away into Europe in countries like:

- Austria
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Italy
- Norway
- Slovakia
- Spain
- Etc.

At the other hand there also is a number of companies which export their plants even worldwide, to for example China, Japan, Russia and the United States of America.

Tree nursery H&B Plant Holland

Tree nursery H&B Plant - we are located on a quite central spot in Randwijk, close to avenue tree centre Opheusden (TCO). Thanks to this location we are able to easily complete our orders with plants from other dutch nurseries. Since we are not one of the bigger players in Holland's tree nursery market, our customers are more than just a number. A personal relationship with our partners is important to us.

We mainly export our trees and plants to:

- Tree nurseries
- Trading companies
- Garden Centers
- Landscaping companies

Tree export from Holland to Europe